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Dear Sponsor:

It gives me great pleasure to tell you about the magazine, Revista Farmacia Industria Farmaceutica de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Journal, which offers an excellent forum for Marketing Pharmaceutical Products/Services in the territory of Puerto Rico. The Magazine, is distributed among professionals in the Pharmaceutical Industry Business; specifically, to those professionals involved in Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical-Medicine Practice (Pharmaceutical Industry, Doctors in Pharmacy, Pharm. D, Physicians, Pharmacists, Pharmacies in General, Specialty Pharmacies, Pharmacy students enrolled in Pharm. D. programs, Wholesalers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Distributors, among others), in addition to targeting the valuable customer market.  This magazine provides Pharmacy-Medicine & Pharmaceutical Companies a great opportunity to promote their Products and Services to those “target publics”.  Our magazine’s focus is on promoting business and increasing the sale of new and established products to new markets in Puerto Rico. Pharmacy-Pharmaceutical related businesses that advertise with us or submit articles for publication in the magazine have the opportunity to educate, promote and inform the public about the value and benefit of their products/services and showcase their role in a well-established regional market. Revista Farmacia Industria Farmacéutica de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Journal is published bi-monthly, acquainting readers with a reasonable amount of product “Branding” promotion throughout the year.

 You have the opportunity to:

1-Promote your Product/Brand/Business in our magazine.

2- This publication with guaranteed distribution provides you with the opportunity to dive into this important market to make your company known and to generate business effectively.

3-Positioning & Re-positioning Products & Services in the Puerto Rico Pharmacy-Pharmaceutical market.

4-Your products or services will receive brilliant, constant market exposure with readers who possess the power to decide which products and services to purchase or contract. Advertising investments in Revista Farmacia Industria Farmacéutica de Puerto RicoPuerto Rico Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Journal are sure to result in extraordinary outcomes and increased sales.

5- To obtain excellent Advantages vs. the Competence.

We cordially invite you to consider our Revista Farmacia Industria Farmacéutica de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Journal for advertising your Products/Services among  Puerto Rico’s Pharmacy-Pharmaceutical Industry. Feel free to contact me regarding any further questions. To reserve your space, please contact us by Email: au.fp@aol.com, or aurora@revistafarmaciaindustriafarmaceuticapr.com.